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Volume 4

Divine Discoveries, Messianic Munchies, and Other Sightings of the Savior, by Amber Tidwell
“For years people have spotted Jesus in places one might never think to look for him. In 1977 a woman in New Mexico, making burritos for her husband one cool October night, recognized the face of Jesus Christ burned into the tortilla. Shrugging off cynical claims of coincidence, the family framed it and made it into a shrine. Over 10,000 people have visited it to date. I imagine a line of people waiting outside of the house made of sun-dried clay bricks. They take turns walking through the small gate and broken sidewalk leading up to the front door. Upon walking in, there is the smell of last night’s dinner, and a slightly overweight woman greets them eagerly, anxious to show off the tortilla, even though she has done so at least forty times this week. Her eyes light up as she recounts the story once more. It never gets old.”

Volume 2

Semicolon Slut, by Dorine Jennette
“The semicolon is the seal, still warm, of Eros on written language. It signifies union by a grammatical invitation to intimacy; the semicolon is the shared blush of a successful seduction. As with all seductions, the relationships between clauses joined by semicolons are ambiguous; this is not the punctuation of hierarchy, but of nuance.”

Volume 1

Toward a Cinema of Total Horror, by Jonathan Kieran
“Whatever vignettes of bodily intrusion and vulnerability may follow, however, present an altered set of possibilities; the universe of normal human relationships is undercut by the transition to one of body-hatred—physical misanthropy—and extraordinary victimization. All horror movies are concerned largely with the play of these two universes.”

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