Volume 6

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Volume 5

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Volume 4

INTERVIEW with Featured Poet Carolyn Moore

Sestina: For King Kong
Sestina: For Motörhead
Park Avenue: All Saint’s Day
by Curtis X. Meyer

Phil Kills the Neighbor’s Dog on Easter Sunday
by Kevin Cutrer

by Margaret Pritchard Houston

Drunk, You Kick Kierkegaard’s Ass Across The Lawn
by Christopher Schaeffer

Excerpt from A Brief History of Color and Its Social Effects
by Wendy Vardaman

Puppet Master’s Wall of Sockets
by Flower Conroy

Portraits: Girl with Flower and Parrot
by Juliet Kerico

Riff Raff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show Readies Himself to Audition for Scald at Hrothgar’s Hall in Beowulf
Upon Learning From A Free Online Quiz That You’re A Facts Curator
Speaking In And Of Tongues
In Defense Of The Three-Toed Sloth
Why I Won’t Take My Jane Austen Action Figure Out Of Her Packaging
by Carolyn Moore

Shooting Things After Dark
by Chloe N. Clark

by Laura Copelin


Volume 3

The Green Cloth
Victimae Paschali Laudes
Nature Morte
by W.F. Lantry

At Impasse With The Birds
Three Defunct Utopias
by Chris Schaeffer

Carved Yards
by Robert Lietz

Near Mt. Rainer They Move
by Laura Madeline Wiseman

Instructions To Child Victims of Torture Regarding the Commission of a Future Massacre
by Marian K. Shapiro

To An Intermittent Lover
by J. Patrick Brown

Portrait of a Man Losing His Shit In Public
by Chris Dollard

Man of Wine
by Thomas Michael McDade

Barefoot Bravado
by Zachary Kluckman

Marking Time In Providence
by John Flynn

Elitist In Central Georgia
by Stephen Powers

Three Sets of Twenty-Six
by Allie Marini

After the Funeral
by KB Ballentine

The Losses
by Lee Stern

St. John of the Ladder
by Doug Tanoury


Volume 2

Meditation On Nighthawks
by Lindsay Neves

by Jeremy Byars

The Murder Skills
by KJ

Feed Cat
by J. Patrick Brown

On The 7 Train
Urban Wildlife On The Gano Street Ponds
Here I Am, There I Am Too
by Chris Dollard

The Latest Headlines
Don Kingfisher Campbell

Ache, Hands, With Cold Glory
by Blanche Case

Playing With Matches
by Jacqueline Powers

Prologue From “The Pulp Sonnets,”
by Evan Fleischer

by Pete Simonelli

Will The Bullshitter
by John F. Buckley

A Condensed History Of Anger, With Footnotes
by Adrian S. Potter

by Ross Losapio


Volume 1

Interview with Ted Dodson

We Are Our Own Cartographers
Question to Sailors Hating the Sea
Question to Physicists
Question to the Cyclops
Question to the Baseball Player Who’ll Never Win the World Series
by Ted Dodson

Nights, Here
Dated Globe
Dirty Silverware
by Carolyn Clark

by Priyanka Ghosh

Since Sexton
by Margot Brown

Perigean Tide
by Robert LeBlanc

Arbitrareum (1): Eastern Path
Arbitrareum (5): Central Hill Top
by Francesco Grisanzio

Housework with the Bell Jar
Red Rose May
by Cherryl E. Garner


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