Interrobang is a web and print ‘zine for the arts based in both Providence, RI and New Orleans, LA.

Our Mission
To provide a formal venue for artists of all disciplines: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, creative essays, fine art, photography, or experimental music and video.

Our Vision
To support our contributing writers and artists through exposure their cutting edge creative work beyond publication.

The idea of creating a zine was first discussed in 2007. As members of an informal writing group, we were all looking for a way to bring art to our city in a new way. Providence, a city rich in music, art, and theatre could now showcase an independent literary arts magazine – something new and different. The first project was a small success, Issue 1 in the Spring of 2009. As the magazine continues to grow, the we now features work from around the country and internationally.

We accept submissions across creative disciplines. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Creative Essays, Poetry, Photography, Art, Music, and Film are all accepted. Each issue features a writer and/or and artist. We include interviews with the artists showcased. The magazine publishes photography and art in black and white in the magazine but the comprehensive website includes the full gamut of accepted entries, including art, music, and video. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis but we do advertise a submission deadline for each issue.

The underground nature of the magazine allows other more prominent journals and magazines to publish the work as if it was being published for the first time; Interrobang?! Magazine holds no copyright to the works presented, just permission to publish for one issue. Future and concurrent submission rights and all other rights are the sole property of the writer and/or artist.

Though not an established non-profit organization, Interrobang?! Magazine survives by a break-even philosophy. Its editors are comprised of a volunteer staff. The magazine runs on sales of ‘zines, merch, and by generous donations. We’ve run a successful campaign with Kickstarter in 2011 and we’ve recently achieved our goals again this year in 2012 to fund exciting new projects such as a small press for burgeoning artists.

The editorial staff lives & works between Providence, RI and New Orleans, LA and often hosts events at local coffee shops, clubs, and bookstores.

Interrobang considers submissions both nationally & internationally as long as they follow our guidelines. So don’t be shy – show us who you are.

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