Volume  3

Featured Artist, TODD BEHRENDT

This series of work is concerned with portraying the fragile state of the American psyche in this new post-economic collapse era of information. The instantaneous and aggressive dissemination of fact and opinion pressures the psyche into the formulation of an immediate reaction. This response can be cynicism, apathy or simple presumption, along with emotional states such as paranoia and fear. The demand creates further frustration and leads to greater factionalizing along class and party lines. In these prints, I utilize
graphs without quantitative relevance, statistics without significant information, sentences without context, and figures without faces. In a purely visual sense, my aim is composition versus disorder; positive versus negative. Conceptually, these elements contribute to the notion of confusion and frustration in the information age.

These pieces are silver gelatin prints created in a traditional wet-process darkroom using non-traditional techniques. No digital methods were employed.


Volume 2

Featured Artist, JIM FUESS

I like movement, collision, or relationships between forms and images. It makes for energy. Some of the images … are static. Some of the composition is planned but I’ve learned that a painting can take on a life of it’s own. I don’t fight it.


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