Photos from featured photographers STUART WINDOW and GANESHA BALUNSAT coming soon!

INTERVIEW: Featured Photographer Stuart Window


A documentary historian, photographer and poet, some of BRIAN BROWN’s recent work appears or is forthcoming in Oxford American, Chiron Review, Inkwell, Roanoke Review, Keyhole, Santa
Clara Review, Vain, and Louisiana Review, among others. His images of the vernacular arcitecture and folklife of the Wiregrass Region have just been acquired by the Georgia Historical Society for their permanent collection.

GANESHA BALUNSAT is an artist from beautiful San Francisco where inspiration can be found on every street corner. She makes it a practice to photograph daily, using photographs to capture the world through her eyes.

ANDREW LEWIS MARNIK is a Providence-based artist whose real passion lies in cinema. He is currently editing a feature length film for charity and recently shot the 20-min short “Cold Brother” in and around southern New England.



Artist’s Statement: “I am drawn to the abstract and the emotional in making a photograph. The impermanence and transitivity of the subject is central to much my imagery, and a driving force in the narrative I strive to create between image and viewer. To accomplish this, I seek out the unusual and mundane subject matter, and make images applying a variety of techniques, including but not limited to, time dilation, collage, pinhole photography, and multiple exposures. Combined with a variety of antiquated cameras and printing processes, I attempt to create images that are a timeless and unique experience for all involved.”

G. CHRISTOPHER DAVIS is an economist who is drawn to photographing old cemetery art as it ages and reflects the character of those left behind.


JUSTIN BENTTINEN is an alien collecting data incarnated as a human. As such, it is his mission to observe as many things as possible. His aesthetic is informed by a love of living things, the beauty of decay, and a knack for seeing the universe in a water drop. A native to Rhode Island, he loves finding out what he can in this small yet rather interesting space. Shoots both digital and analogue photographs. Soon-to-be graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a B.S. in Marine Biology.

STUART WINDOW is an English immigrant with an implausible and unfortunate surname. He is a self-taught photographer currently roaming South County, Rhode Island.

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