Volume 1

Letter From The Editor: Why We Interrobang


Cover Art, Justin Benttinen

Featured Poet: Ted Dodson

Interview with Ted Dodsonby Astrid Drew

We Are Our Own Cartographers
Question to Sailors Hating the Sea
Question to Physicists
Question to the Cyclops
Question to the Baseball Player Who’ll Never Win the World Series

Featured Artist: Musician, Peter Gilli
Interview with Peter Gilli of A Troop of Echoes, by Chris Curley



Justin Benttinen


Stuart Window



Nights, Here
Dated Globe
Dirty Silverware
by Carolyn Clark

Juhu, by Priyanka Ghosh
Since Sexton, by Margot Brown
Perigean Tide, by Robert LeBlanc

Arbitrareum (1): Eastern Path, and
Arbitrareum (5): Central Hill Top
by Francesco Grisanzio

Housework with the Bell Jar, and
Red Rose May
by Cherryl E. Garner


Admiral, by John Greiner

Cloud Walking by Matthew B. Dexter

How to Make Zuppa Osso Buco, by Corinne Wahlberg


Toward a Cinema of Total Horror, by Jonathan Kieran
“Whatever vignettes of bodily intrusion and vulnerability may follow, however, present an altered set of possibilities; the universe of normal human relationships is undercut by the transition to one of body-hatred—physical misanthropy—and extraordinary victimization. All horror movies are concerned largely with the play of these two universes.”

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