Volume 5


Cover Art, Ames Mangan

Featured Artist: Animator, Massimo Ottoni & Songwriter, Alberto Arcangeli

Interview, with Chris Curley



Sui Cadere
Sansert Choabert

Spring Portrait Of The Artist
Abby Raymond



Queen Ester
David Sankey



‘65 Tune, by Sky Vettel



Lot’s Wife – New Mexico, by Elizabeth Fogle

November Leonids and the Progress of a Moment, by Elizabeth Fogle

A Turn Of Phrase, by Mark Jay Brewin, Jr.

Eating An Artichoke
The Church of Desktop Computers
by Amy Miller

The Feast of St. Medusa, by Christopher Schaeffer

Citrus And Bird, by Corey Wakeling

Playing Rocky And Apollo, by Ines P. Rivera Prosdocimi

Salt Marsh, Dusk, by Katie Anagnostou

The Flying Man of Treblinka, by Matthew Ostapchuk

Experiment, The Physics Roof
by Sarah Crossland


The Romans, by Timothy Schirmer
“Fifteen years ago my sister married an Italian boy, equal parts smug and charming, unreasonably handsome.  To see this young man was to see beauty clogged in someone who didn’t deserve it.  This boy worked a pear orchard in Northernmost Africa.  His and my sister’s paths had crossed while swaging across Europe.  My sister assured our mother that her newfound home was a short boat ride to Spain.  We all thought she was sacrificing too much for this boy.  Father said she would come to her senses eventually; the hard days would work their way into her with a curative effect.  But my sister was happy…”

Remembering Elizabeth, by Jessica Bates
“One morning when the light was still yellow-tinted and not yet white, I hauled a load of laundry down a flight of stairs to our apartment complex’s shared washer and dryer. There are only eight units here, four on the lower level, four above. I started the wash slowly, relishing each dirty piece of underwear, happy about building a life with my lover, dirty sheets and all. As I loaded panties, shirts, socks into the machine, Elizabeth, our neighbor in G, watched The Sound of Music.”

Windless Room, Silverless Fish, by Matt Runkle
“As a comedian, I’m well aware of the sacrifice I make. Even the most genius of jokes is doomed to not hold up. Watch:  There’s this glass house, and yes, it’s Christian, but it’s done, supposedly, in a loving way. Who cares, right? I mean, I’ve never been much for roadside attractions. But I guess people love it. There’s something on the Internet about it every day, and it’s made me start to wonder what’s inside.”

Medicine Cabinet, Paul Hetzler
“1. Always Follow Directions.  It’s the second time this week that a client has been attacked because they strayed out of bounds to get a better picture—seems like there’s one on every trip who thinks they’re too good for the rules and I say they get what they deserve. Sweat stings my eyes as I stumble along the jungle trail with the power blower strapped to my back.”


Iron Man, Alan Barta
“Across Mineral Spring Avenue from the Lorraine Mills stands a complex of nondescript Civil War brick. The parking lot expands behind into a veritable menagerie of giant abstract creatures sculpted in massive plate steel outside the industrial studio of Donald Gerola.”
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